About the FSN

The Foreign Service Network (FSN) operates a cloud-based platform-as-a-service that provides website, collaboration, and content management services for foreign ministries. FSN aims to democratize the use of technology in order to improve a country’s digital image, promotion efforts, and ability to communicate.

The FSN’s goal is to help all nations to reach the same level of competitiveness in the digital world, so they can properly serve their diasporas around the globe, attract tourism and foreign direct investment, gain overall operational efficiency, and reduce risk. This aims to level the playing field and contribute to the global common good.

The FSN’s values promote fairness, inclusion, transparency, and respect. Any country, no matter how small or large and regardless of its political or economic alliances, should have the means to independently serve its constituency and interests around the globe, have an online voice, and be able to properly compete for business.

Who We Serve

The FSN’s direct clients are ministries of foreign affairs of sovereign nations. The ministries’ foreign service personnel around the globe is our primary platform user base. The countries’ constituencies located abroad and their local populations are the main beneficiaries of the activities that are enabled by our platform.


An international advisory board, which is comprised of seasoned individuals from the private and public sectors, provides continuous guidance and direction for the FSN’s business conduct and strategic growth.