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Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

We provide a website builder, collaboration suite, and content management system to improve a country’s digital image, promotion efforts, and ability to communicate.

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Create A Global Image

Standardize the look and content across all your foreign representations via a unified set of websites. Syndicate pages, news, and events instantly globally or regionally, and allow each foreign service post to publish locally. Take a global approach on promoting your country’s resources and opportunities, and create local channels to your constituencies and economic partners across the world.

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Use Your Network

Collaborate with your staff and foreign posts regionally or globally via a secure platform for internal communications. Use dashboards and info walls for centralized information, post comments and files to share insights with groups, and utilize our global directory to generate connections for any purpose.

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Exercise Smart Control

Administer user accounts and approve, retire, or suspend individuals. Create, activate, and retire websites instantly. Assign users to entities and grant publishing privileges. Manage global site settings, such as layout, colors, and logos. Control posted content and publish in multiple languages.

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Minimize Risk

Countries that maximize the use of digital technology across their foreign service posts tend to generate more foreign direct investment, experience higher tourism growth, and achieve more effective correspondence, especially during pandemics and emergencies. This decreases operational, financial, security, and reputational risks.

Our digital platform offers

Ease of Use

No downloads or installations. Access your account and maintain your content online via an internet browser – computer, mobile, or tablet.


Bank-level SSL encryption for all critical areas. Hosting serviceable in several locations around the world. On-premise solution available.

Trusted Governance

Independent organization with headquarters in Switzerland . Advised by foreign relations experts and dignitaries.

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